MAEDA HOUSOUYOUKI handles a variety of products, mainly food packaging materials. We are a wholesale company that acts as a bridge between suppliers and clients.

Business Expansion of MAEDA HOUSOUYOUKI 

Here is an introduction of our “four businesses”. 

Containers and Packaging Materials

We have a large selection of containers, packaging materials, office supplies, consumables, store equipment, and more. 
From small lots to wholesale! 


We produce original business cards, banners, stickers, boxes, websites, etc. 
My design is a way to give shape to your ideas.

Acidic Electrolyzed Water

Gentle water to sterilize and disinfect viruses. To learn more about acidic electrolyzed water (hypochlorite water), click here.

Futonmaki-no Jiro

First in Miyazaki! Heiwadai Branch of Futonmaki-no Jiro, a manned laundromat where whole futons can be washed.

2 ー Company Profile

Management Principle

Wrapping up thoughts and bringing smiles to the community

I. We add colors to products and create enjoyment.
I. We will learn, practice, and enhance each other’s expertise. 
I. We will be a group that values appreciation. Wrapping up thoughts and bringing smiles to the community

Company Profile

PresidentMakoto Kuwahata
Headquarters2-chome 3-10, Jingu-Higashi, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki,880-0056, Japan
TEL +81-985-24-6311
FAX +81-985-20-7502
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Chuo Ichiba Ten(In the Chuo Oroshiuri Ichiba “central wholesale market”) 1185 Susumeda, Shinbeppu-cho, Miyazaki-shi,Miyazaki, 880-0834, Japan 
TEL・FAX +81-985-24-2666
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EstablishedApril, 1948
End of the Fiscal Periodend of June
Busines DetailsWholesale of packaging materials 
・Sales of food containers 
・Sales of plastic containers 
・Sales of packaging materials 
・Sales of packing materials 
・Sales of wrapping materials 
・Sales of fruits, vegetables, and materials used for flower
Acidic Electrolyzed Water Business 
・Sales and rental of disinfection electrolyzed water supply equipment 
Laundromat Business 
・Futonmaki-no Jiro
Number of Employees14
Affiliated CompanyMaeda Co.(Package Plaza Maeda)
Main BankThe Miyazaki Bank, The Nishi-Nippon City Bank

Company History

April,1948Establishes “Maeda Seiro-jo”, a fern basket store,  in Takanabe. President: Saneharu Maeda.
March, 1966Head office relocated to Jingu, Miyazaki-shi.
September, 1971Maeda Seiro-jo was renamed MAEDA HOUSOUYOUKI Co. and registered as a corporation in July. Established with an initial capital of ¥1,000,000.
February, 1976Increased capital by ¥1,000,000, changing total capital to ¥2,000,000.
April, 1978A branch office is opened in the Miyazaki Central Wholesale Market.
July, 1986Changes of president from Saneharu Maeda to Masahiro Kuwahata. 
September, 1989Opened the Package Plaza Shimizu-cho Store Co.
July, 1995Increased capital by ¥1,000,000, changing total capital to ¥3,000,000.
September, 1997Opened the Package Plaza Oyodo Store Co.
February, 2009Changes of president from Masahiro Kuwahata to Keiko Kuwahata.
May, 2009Closed and merged the Shimizu-cho Store and Oyodo Store of Package Plaza Co. and opened the Miyazaki Main Store in Ohashi.
July, 2019Changes of president from Keiko Kuwahata to Makoto Kuwahata.
March, 2022Opened Heiwadai branch of Futonmaki-no Jiro, first branch in Miyazaki.

3 ー Product Lineup

Products by Category

Food Containers

■ Food Packs
■ Plastic Bowl

■ Sushi Containers
■ Prepared Food Containers

■ Pasta / Curry Containers
■ Various Cups

The superior materials and design of this product will complement your food.

As a supporting role that makes dishes shine, they should be easy to use and beautiful to look at.

Various designs are available in white, transparent, black, cypress, etc., and a variety of sizes are available to suit your needs.

Click here for the Food Container page of “MAEDA HOUSOUYOUKI Yahoo! Store”▶

Store Equipment

■ Banner
■ Signboard

■ Goodwill
■ POP / Stickers

■ Tapestry
■ Menu List

To attract more customers to your store! Original banners are eye-catching. Designs are also available.

We can produce the product according to your request in terms of size, design, number of slits, etc.!

A strong ally for sales promotion! We offer a wide variety of designs.

Click here for more information about original design.▶

Click here for the Store Equipment page of “MAEDA HOUSOUYOUKI Yahoo! Store”▶

Hygiene Materials

■ Mask
■Scrubbing Brush

■ Alcohol Sanitizer
■ Towels

■ Sponge
■ Various Towel Cloths

Soft touch, air permeable, and gently conforms to the skin.

Safe for use on food and for cooking. It can be used for a wide range of other applications.

From basic to stylish and fashionable designs!

Plastic Bag / Sheet

■ PP Standard Roll
■ Miyazaki City Designated Garbage Bags

■ Polyethylene Roll

■ Bag for Flowers

We offer a wide range of products, from frozen foods at -40°C to high-temperature boiling sterilization at 130°C for 30 minutes, microwave-safe, and more.

You can choose from transparent and colored types, various thicknesses, and with or without strings.

We have a large selection of bags of all thicknesses and sizes, even minor ones!

Click here for the Bag page of “MAEDA HOUSOUYOUKI Yahoo! Store”▶

Wrapping Paper / Japanese Wrapping Cloth

■ Ribbon
■ Polyethylene Handbag

■ Japanese Gift Wrapping Paper
■ Woody Paper

■ Non-woven Japanese Wrapping Cloth
■ Wrapping Paper

Use for fun seasonal wrapping, store displays, and more.

Enjoy the four seasons, play with colors, and wrap your sincerity in this beautiful Japanese wrapping cloth.

 Boost the image of your store! We also offer original printing services such as logo printing.

Click here for more information about original design such as wrapping paper and paper bags.▶

Fruits and Vegetables

■ Fruit Mesh Bags
■ Frui Net Bags

■ Cushioning Materials
■ Net for Watermelon

■ Packing Paper

Ideal for display effect and freshness retention. Packaged with the deliciousness intact.

It has a glossy surface and enhances the product. We also have a paulownia box for mangoes that gives the warmth of wood.

From display use to gift use. Seasonal fruits can be arranged in a luxurious way.

Food and Beverage Consumables

■ Restaurant Supplies
■ Paper

■ Plastic Wrap

■ Sheet

Disposable chopsticks come in a variety of shapes and materials. Why don’t you review them according to your dishes? We can design a bag for you.

We have gourmet sheets, decorative skewers, and many other products that brighten up food products.

We offer a wide variety of products from plain to colorful designs.

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■ Dishwashing Liquid
■ Refrigerant

■ Cutting Grease Detergent

■ Oil Treatment Reagent

Rich lather removes grease and grime! We also carry hand-friendly detergents.

Clean by removing germs and odors. Use it for full-scale sterilization.

Perfect for take-home use. Non-woven fabric type with excellent condensation prevention is also available.


■ Paper Bag
■ Oil- and Water-Resistant Paper

■ Take-Out Box
■ Spoon and Fork

■ Paper Trays

Must-have for the event and holiday season! It is also very useful for school festivals and fairs.

We offer a wide range of products including insulated, tasting, transparent PET, and paper cups.

For event containers. You can choose the length and shape to suit your application.

Click here for the Events Item page of  “MAEDA HOUSOUYOUKI Yahoo! Store”▶

Packing / Binding

■ Polypropylene Band
■ Packing Machine

■ Bag Sealer
■ Bubble Wrap

■ Shrink Films

Environmentally friendly natural material. Static-free tape.

An essential item for shipping! We have a wide range of products.

We handle both large and small items!

Consumables for Accounting

■ Bill
■ Stationery

■ Rubber
■ Laminating Film

■ Business Cards / Shop Cards
■ Copy Paper

The easy-to-use standard design makes this bill series popular.

Pure rubber product. Tight, soft, and stretchable.

Design your own business cards with your own unique design.

Click here for more information about original design.▶


■ Toilet Paper Roll
■ Kitchen Equipment

■ Paper Towels
■ Boxes & Gift Boxes

■ Ceramics

We can make them in the optimum size and strength for your application. Logo printing is also available.

We handle a variety of products for drinking water, dressings, seasonings, etc.

Ideal for preserving jams, honey, and other foodstuffs. Also suitable for small containers.

Click here for more information about the original box.▶